An Egg is the world’s largest consumption food, eaten with varied cooking recipes and dishes. Lovable across the world egg can be used as boiled or fried or with rice or can be mixed with any of other dishes like chicken etc. The egg is the best source of protein so it is a common diet of people indulged with gymming, strength work etc. Many people in India used to sell boiled eggs and omelets across the roadside. Egg and its varieties are mostly available easily in every part of the world.

are widely used as a starter and an appetizer which is most widely used across the world due to its easy cooking and ease of availability.

It is a most awesome dish which has a great taste and it is a lovable and popular dish anytime among the foodie generation across the world. We are here to prepare a egg dish which is mouth-watering as well as famous among the every generation of the world. Yes !! that is Egg Butter Masala which is just like paneer butter masala but have a different taste due to flavour of the egg.

Requirements—Cleaned Utensils, Eggs 4, Water jug, spices, tomatoes, onions, green chillies, capsicum, green leaf onions (spring onions),green leaf garlic (spring garlic),red chilli powder, pepper powder, salt, turmeric powder, corn flour,  coriander powder and leaves, ginger garlic paste, edible oil or butter, cashew nuts 12-15, oven and your delicious thought for enjoying egg butter masala.

Initial Preparations:-

  1. Take eggs and boiled them.
  2. Take tomatoes, green chillies, capsicum, spring onion and spring garlic.
  3. Wash them thoroughly with running water or by sinking in a tub of water.
  4. Drain water and let them be in a container or on a fresh cloth.
  5. Also wash coriander leaves in a tub of water and left them in tub for few minutes so any dirt can be removed.
  6. Drain water and rinse it properly.
  7. Place coriander leaves on a dried cloth so that excess water get absorbed.
  8. You can use paper tissues also to remove water from it properly.
  9. Keep the boiled eggs set aside in a bowl.

Main Preparations:-

  1. Chop onions, capsicum, spring onion, spring garlic, tomatoes etc.
  2. Cut green chillies and deseed them.
  3. Extract Coriander leaves.
  4. Start the burner and place pan over it.
  5. Add 75-80ml of edible oil or butter in pan. Butter is preferable here over oil.
  6. Let the butter get heated to melt.
  7. Now add eggs in pan and fry them to a yellowish or golden in color.
  8. Before frying eggs you can prick the eggs mainly using with fork. Also you can make 2-3 pieces of eggs.
  9. Keep the eggs aside once eggs get fried.
  10. Now we will prepare the tomato puree.
  11. Add chopped tomatoes, onions,red chilli powder, turmeric and salt in the pan.
  12. Also add the cashews in the pan.
  13. See if enough butter or oil is there in the pan to cook the above mixture.
  14. Cover the pan and cook the mixture for 3-4 minutes.
  15. Then stir the mixture and see if mixture gets meshed or soft.
  16. Cook for 2-3 minutes more and then switch off the burner.
  17. Allow the above mixture to get cool so that we can blend them using grinder or blender.
  18. Add 25 ml of water in a jar or a bowl and blend the cold mixture till we get a perfect puree.
  19. Start the burner again and add 2-3 cloves, 2-3 cardamoms, chopped capsicum and ginger garlic paste along with 20 ml of melted butter in the pan and stir the mixture.
  20. Let the mixture get cooked for 2 minutes.
  21. Now add the prepared puree in the pan and stir the mixture well.
  22. Check if there is need of more water or not. If required you can add a little water.
  23. Cook the above mixture for a while.
  24. When the gravy gets thicken, add some more spices like garam masala, coriander powder, little bit of red chilli powder and what extra you want to experiment with your taste like kasuri methi.
  25. Also you can add here for a very different taste – chopped spring onions and spring garlic. This is optional. This for typical experimental foodie persons.
  26. Cook the above mixture for 4-5 minutes.
  27. Add the eggs and cook now for 3-4 minutes.
  28. Switch off the burner.
  29. Now you can garnish the dish using coriander leaves.
  30. You have a great choice to garnish it with a layer of cream also.
  31. Your tasty, delicious, mouth-watering dish is ready to serve.

Note: I will suggest you experiment more with the dish using varied items to get enjoy along with it. You can use paneer cut in small equal-sized cubes and fry it. Add the fried paneer along with fried egg in the gravy, which will suit a good taste for your tongue.

!!!Your patience has given you a very tasteful result of your passion. Enjoy the dish with a naan, tandoori roti or rice preparations. This Dish is one of the delicacy in the food world. So enjoy it after drinking a beer or whiskey. You will have a fun enjoying with Egg Butter Masala or Egg Makhani.